Worth it recipes: Curry

I don’t think I’ve ever explored indian food beyond the ‘Gold Standard’ British Chicken Korma. Alas, my choice to refuse animal products classed out my beloved, go-to, Friday night takeaway – which always came with Pilau Rice, exactly 2 Popadoms (plus chutney), and half a plain naan bread. Because Fridays are for carbs.

I was a little depressed when I came to realise that Ol’ Reliable was no longer an option, but soon bounced back when I realised that ‘Korma’ does not equal ‘Curry’…and I resolved myself to seek out a delicious vegan alternative. Luckily for me, I found three! (And a box of what can only be described as the most jaw-twitchingly sweet mangoes, ever.)

Step One: Aloo Gobi – Solid 6/10.

I gleaned this recipe from Richa Hingle’s site – VeganRicha.com. You can find it here – Aloo Gobi Mutter. I adore Aloo Gobi, especially if the vegetables are still a bit firm. This recipe had all of the textures I love from an Aloo Gobi but was lacking the spicy punch I expected. Now that could entirely be down to me cocking this one up a little, but I’m going to remake it soon and hopefully get a better result.

Top Tips from Someone Who Learned the Hard Way:

∴ Richa says to use an oil with a high smoke point. Do it. Listen to Richa.

∴ Don’t be tempted to turn the heat up too high. Like me, you’ll burn the spices and have to simmer them down with water, which just dilutes the flavour.

∴ Add the peas. If your mum says she doesn’t like peas, add them anyway and tell her to pick them out.

Step Two: Chana Masala – Pretty decent 8/10

This one was pulled from the Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon. I found the recipe on the Edible Perspective (which I haven’t really looked through) and link it here – Chana Masala – Oh She Glows.

Now this recipe was fantastic and tomato-y. Easy to follow and you really can’t go far wrong if you keep the heat fairly low and even. The end result was warming and textured. If you like the odd chickpea, you’ll love this one.

Top Tips from a Chickpea Fan:

∴ Don’t fear the chilli. It’s perfectly suited to this dish.

∴ Do wash your hands after chopping the aforementioned chilli – unless you like wiping chilli fingers over your face accidentally.

∴ Mush some of the chickpeas up a little to give the dish EVEN MORE texture. If texture is your thing…Just sayin’.

Step Three: Mushroom Rogan Josh – The Runaway WINNER with 10/10.

This angel of a curry dish was created by Jack Monroe – a fabulous creator of on-a-budget recipes and the eloquent writer of the Cooking on a Bootstrap Blog. Having spent some time perusing Jack’s site, it’s definitely worth a long and considered look. BUT, we’re here for curry. Here’s Jack’s recipe for Mushroom Rogan Josh.

Top Tips from a Cooking on a Bootstrap Convert:

∴ That cinnamon. Don’t miss it out.

∴ If you’re a coriander/cilantro hater like me – the flat leaf parsley is a very good and tasty alternative. (If you’re into extreme sports, just leave the green stuff out entirely!)

Please check out these recipes and give them a go, I’m definitely going back for seconds. And as with all curries – all three of these recipes tasted even better the next day!

Thanks for stopping by,

xoxo A Human, Being Vegan

You can see a picture of all the dishes above; Rogan Josh on the left, Chana Masala on the right, and the Aloo Gobi is in the two lil dishes in between.


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